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My interest in photography and videography began when I was a child back in the days before digital. Let me tell you the story.

It could be said that my film career began during elementary school. I recall taking my grandfather’s 1940 Revere 8mm Model 84 camera to the elementary school and pretending to film my friends while they swung like Tarzan on the monkey bars or rode like cowboys on the rubber tires. In my young mind, I was creating a movie to surpass all movies. My movie might have even won an Academy Award if only my parents had supplied me with that vital component that every rising filmmaker needs – film.

Later, I remember taking my mom’s point-and-shoot film camera (unbeknownst to her) and doing still-life photography of roses (plucked from her treasured rose garden). I even created a black background using weed block ground covering (I was raiding my mom’s possessions that day). Imagine her surprise when she had her film developed and found her film roll full of flower pictures!  I just wish I still had those photos to have a second look at them.

Adding another element to how my story was when my dad got a computer and a Logitech digital camera. Add some Photoshop and I was creating all sorts of things, sometimes to the dismay of others – like when I Photoshopped Princess Diana’s hair onto my step-mother’s head. Although she was unhappy I did it, she was pleased with the results and changed her hairstyle to match Princess Diana’s.

My dad, a fellow photography enthusiast, supported me by giving me my first film and digital cameras. The first digital SLR camera he gave me was a loaner, but I took so many pictures with it that I wore it out, so he ended up letting me keep it.

This fascination with telling visual stories led me to the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in the art of filmmaking and digital media. In April of 2007, I graduated in Digital Media with an emphasis in film and television.

Around 2001 I got my hands on a tape recording of my grandfather talking about his life. He led a fascinating life growing up in Nazi Germany, and the stories he had to tell were captivating. This caused me to want to learn more about him and flesh out more stories for posterity. In 2006 he passed away. I never got that opportunity to sit down with him to record his life history.

In 2007 I pursued my desire to capture people’s life story and started Dallas Golden Creative Media with recording personal histories as the business model. It wasn’t long before I was having requests from customers for their other photography and video needs, so I expanded the business’s offerings to include photography and videography for events, weddings, performances, and instructional videos.

My work has been seen on Dance Your A** Off, Newsweek, MSN, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, East Idaho News, Northern Virginia Magazine, KNX News, and I’m pretty sure other places that I can’t think of right now.